The #spanishrevolution flyer translated

LPC en | Mayo 18, 2011

The following text can (and should) be reproduced and distributed freely, just like the original Spanish text. I need no credit or links to this blog. I am just the translator.


#don'tvoteforthem #democracynow #spanishrevolution

We need to concentrate this waves of citizen outrage. And it is urgent, because everybody is already trying to use them for their own purposes. So let's do it.

Spanish democracy is stranded, and this movement wants to deliver it back to the sea. Among us there are right-wings, left-wings, liberals, conservatives... people who will want to take different paths once the boat has sailed. But, for that to happen, we all have to make it sail.

This is exactly what all the branches of this movement agree upon: that the boat is the Spanish democratic system and the path are just ideologies. That is, what we all have in common is the fundamental first step: repairing the system.

This consists of:

1 – Reform of the Election laws, so all the votes from all Spanish citizens, independently of where they live, can have the same influence on the distribution of parliamentary seats.

2 – Real separation of powers; Total independence of Justice from the political power and a reform of the Senate so that it has a real role and stops being mere Congress bureaucracy.

3 – Political Regeneration: Open lists, abolishing public financing of political parties, everlasting banning from politics to holders of public office guilty of corruption charges, withdrawal of all the unjustified privileges attached to political posts, transparency of personal patrimony before and after their position as public administrators, etc.

Once we succeed, there will be elections. And in those elections parties will be able to make all the proposals that, today, are just noise in the process of regenerating the system: nationalizing the banks, reducing the number of government employees, give more, less or no competence to the Autonomous regions, stop funding the church...). Because the true enemies of this movement are those who want us to start discussing all those questions and forget about our common cause, so we disband before we succeed. We have to resist the impulse to follow our individual path and avoid asking or shouting things that cannot be asked or shouted together by all the indignant citizens from the right and from the left. Because this is the first time that the "two Spains" are not confronting each other, the left against the right. Do not allow the usual suspects (PP + PSOE) use us and turn or movement into that.

How will we succeed?

- Explain these three premises to everybody.
- Follow the #don'tvoteforthem instructions: find a party among tje 3.000 parties that has those three premises in their program and vote for them in the next election.
- Explain family, colleagues and friends who are you voting for and why.

And that is all there is. Together we can do it. Nothing more and nothing less.



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The following text can (and should) be reproduced and distributed freely, just like the original Spanish text. I need no...

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