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LPC en chicas | Junio 04, 2004

Hoy he descubierto un weblog que me ha hecho, literalmente, llorar. Y, como soy, por encima de todo, una blogger que ama profundamente a su comunidad, he decidido compartirlo. El blog se llama We have Brains. Esta vez, en lugar de explicar de que va, dejare que sus posts hablen por si solos.

Boys we love. Who are the top 5 feminist boys/men you love? And why? These can be your dad, Moby, or Prince Charming. On your marks, set, go!

Sobre el dia de la madre. Happy Mother's Day everyone! Or is it? Do you think there's room in your life for a (modern) Mother's Day celebration? Do you think it has become a holiday that promotes negative stereotypes or do you think it is a richly deserved day of praise for Mom? If you are a feminist Mom, do you celebrate? If you're not a Mom but plan to be, will you celebrate Mother's Day? Any other qualms/opinions on the subject to share?

Sobre Abu Ghraib. The number of females arrested for violent crimes is increasing approximately three times faster than males. The first indication of this was a study that showed it increased 25% between 1992 and 1996, and it is is still rising. One possible reason given for this is the way women are now portrayed in movies, video games, etc., as being violent. Kill Bill, Lara Croft, etc. What do you think about this?

Sobre Lyndie England.

Female GIs reporting rapes by U.S. soldiers
Women say response lacking within military, some even threatened

My question is - is this equality? Should someone who makes .76 cents on the dollar compared to a man; who has never had a President in the history of this country; who has little say in the development of public policy; who is not allowed the freedom to control her reproductive activity; who is vulnerable to rape and torture by her own comrades in arms with no recourse for protection be subject to forced military service? I particularly want to hear from those of you who are under 30, since this means YOU.

Sobre Condolezza Rice. All I will say is that I am not a fan of Condoleeza Rice or her policies, but I do think she is to be considered given her powerful position. Is she still an African-American woman, or has she become "one of them" by accepting a role within the government?



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yo he llorado con el día de la madre

y con Moby, claro, que todos sabemos lo feministisísimo que es,,,


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